Protect My Dog 2

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Welcome to Protect My Dog 2, the exciting sequel to the original game. In this new installment, the beloved dog is once again under threat, this time from a swarm of aggressive bees. To save the pup, players must use their wits and quick reflexes to draw lines and block the bees' attack. With 85 levels of increasingly challenging gameplay, Protect My Dog 2 will keep players on their toes.

This game belongs to the popular genre of strategy and action games, which challenges players to use their problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies. Similar games in this genre include Tower Defense, where players must strategically place towers to fend off waves of attackers, and Angry Birds, where players use slingshots to launch birds at enemy pigs. These games all share a focus on strategy and quick thinking, and offer hours of fun and engaging gameplay.

Protect My Dog 2 is available for free on, where players can enjoy it on their web browser. Whether you're looking for a quick break at work or a fun way to pass the time at home, Protect My Dog 2 is the perfect game for you. So why wait? Start playing today and save that cute little pup!

Create a drawing line using your mouse.


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