School Bus Demolition Derby

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School Bus Demolition Derby is a 3D action game you can play on your web browser and mobile for free on Welcome to the School Bus Demolition Derby game. Win lots of races and unlock upgrades like; new engines, increased momentum, and new decoration for your bus using the coins you win by destroying other vehicles and winning some races. The game's realistic physics will not leave you indifferent! Try to hit the sides of enemy buses with a good punch to make a much stronger impact - are you ready to train hard and beat your opponents? School Bus Demolition Derby is a 3D destruction derby simulator with a twist. Choose one of the many school buses and start competing in various demolition derby events across the world. Unlock upgradeable, new engines and paint jobs using the currency you've earned destroying other vehicles. The physics are very realistic in this game, so try to aim for the other buses' sides to make the most impact. Are you ready to school your opponents?

Drive - WASD keys Nitro - Space key


Action 3D