Vortex 9

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Welcome to the exciting world of Vortex 9! We're thrilled to offer you a one-of-a-kind gaming experience that's both bizarre and captivating. In this game, you'll enter a universe filled with fighting cat-people and talking robots - it's a world that's not only extraordinary but also loads of fun.

Vortex 9 is packed with all sorts of cool features that we think you'll love. You'll have eight stylish heroes to choose from, each with their unique personality and abilities. Whether you pick John, Jane, Marvin McSpy, Mr Goodboy, Jess Purrfect, Hellen D. Mon, Mercydroid, or Beelzebox, there's no wrong choice.

You'll also have access to dozens of crazy shooting guns, melee weapons, and heavy machine guns - perfect for explosive battles. The game offers various modes like Team Battle, Deathmatch Solo, and Capture Point, with even more modes coming soon. The fun never ends.

The game takes place in a variety of beautiful locations within the game universe, making the experience even more enjoyable. Plus, you can play with friends, making the fights more fun and intense. There are no boring heroes with simple pistols in Vortex 9 - just a wacky atmosphere of combat.

The best part? You can play this game for free right in your web browser on So, what are you waiting for? Grab your battle lollipop or shooting gun, show them who's boss, and let the new you shine in Vortex 9!

Keyboard: WASD G for grenade M FOR map F for pick up item C for squat M1 for aim M2 for shooting SPACE for jump ESC for menu SCROLL WHEEL (or 1,2,3,4,5) for change weapon


Action Shooting 3D